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Forfait Lyca S Plus

Forfait Lyca S Plus

10% OFF first Month


30 Days New sim orders only

Unlimited National mins

Unlimited National SMS

40 GB Data

EU Roaming

Extra data is available for the first 10,000 new customers with bonus data in 1 st  month.

  • The data allowance of 40GB is limited to new customers only. The additional data will be included in the plan for as long as auto-renewal is enabled on the customer’s account. Offer valid from 16/08/2022 to 31/08/2022.
  • Once auto-renewal is cancelled, new customers will be offered the same data allowance as existing customers.
  • Existing customers are entitled to the base data allowance (40GB) for their chosen plan.
  • Please note that there is a maximum usage of 5GB of data while roaming in EU / EEA. For more information on your tariff advantages in other EU countries and Lyca Mobile’s Fair Usage Policy, click here.

Existing customers: Dial *139*103553# and follow the instructions on the screen or Text 103553 to 3535

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