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Wisdom learned over thousands of years by astrologers is now at your fingertips, waiting to reveal itself to you. Astrology is all-inclusive and has no bias towards any race, religion, gender, culture or nationality. It has space for all the modern branches of science and even for those who don't believe in it!"

Reveal the wisdom with Lyca Mobile's Astro SMS service.

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Date of Birth Based Charge of 0,05€
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Send it to pre-defined shortcode 2020
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Capricorn: 29-03-13: You may be in the mood for deep and penetrating conversations or thoughts. You are a good worker, always thinking and caring for things.
Charge of 0,99€
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e.g. ACT A 02021975
Send it to pre-defined shortcode 2021
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Thank you for subscribing Astrology service. You have been charged GBP 0.99 for 30 days
Aquarius: 29-03-13: Do not start anything new until you have completed your current projects. Letting go of your own agenda may give you the freedom you seek.
Star Sign Based Charge of 0,05€
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e.g. A VIRGO
Send it to pre-defined shortcode 2020
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Virgo: 29-03-13: Take the chance to expand your circle of friends. It is time to head out on your own and face the challenges.
Charge of 0,99€
Enter SMS code ACT A to subscribe Astrology service
Send it to pre-defined shortcode 2021
SMS response for subscription
Example below:
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Thank you for subscribing Astrology service. You have been charged 0,99€ for 30 days
LIBRA: 29-03-13: You need to take action to keep your health high. There is always something that needs to be done to improve your health.
Enter SMS code DEACT A '' to subscribe Astrology service
Send it to pre-defined shortcode 2021
SMS response:
Astrology service has been deactivated successfully
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