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Keep your phone number

get up to 50€ extra call credit

Get up to 50€ Extra call credit

When you bring your existing mobile number to Lyca Mobile

Join us and receive up to 50€ call credit for free by keeping your old mobile number

Join us

How to join us:

Step 1

Request your RIO (operator identity number)

Call 3179 from the SIM you want to keep the number.

Step 2

Once you have received your RIO number:

Option 1:

Call our Customer Service from your Lyca Mobile to 322 or from another phone to 01 77 72 23 22.

Option 2:

Fill in here the online Form. Scan the form and email it to our Customer Service to

Terms and Conditions:

*Offer valid until 28/02/2023 for any port-in to Lyca Mobile France network. Total top-ups to a value of 10€ within a calendar month period, entitles customers to a maximum of 5€ free call credit per month. Top-ups of 5€ within a calendar month period, entitles customers to 2,50€ free call credit per month. Your call credit will be automatically transferred to your Lyca Mobile account within 24 hours of topping-up. Offer applicable the first 10 months following the number port-in.

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