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Roaming within EU Countries

Prepaid bundles

Roaming within European Union (EU) Countries has changed. Selected prepaid bundles now include EU Countries roaming services. Lyca Mobile prepaid bundles that include an EU Countries roaming allowance are marked ‘EU Roaming’ and bear the EU emblem as below.

roaming within eu countries

To see which of our prepaid bundles include an EU Countries roaming allowance, please click here.
These EU Countries roaming bundles allow you to make calls and texts, and to use a capped amount of data (specified in the ‘More’ option on each bundle) when roaming within EU Countries as if you were using your bundle at home. However, these selected bundles are subject to our Fair Usage Policy described below.

IMPORTANT: Some of our prepaid bundles do not include an EU Countries roaming allowance. Before purchasing a bundle, please check that it includes all the services you want to use.

*EU Countries includes EEA countries. The full list is below:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.

Pay As You Go

You can use EU Countries roaming services on Pay As You Go. Lyca Mobile Pay As You Go customers roaming within EU Countries will be charged at our Standard National Rates, as below. Receiving calls and texts while roaming within EU Countries will be free of charge.

Domestic rates

France Landlines France Mobiles (Lyca Mobile) Francw Mobiles (Other mobile) SMS (Lyca Mobile) SMS (Other mobile) Data
15p/min 5p/min 15p/min 6p 6p 12p/MB

For call rates to non-EU Countries when roaming within EU Countries, please click here.

EU/EEA Countries Roaming Terms and Conditions
    • • Our roaming services are intended for Lyca Mobile customers who visit EU Countries for short periods, for example a holiday or short trip. Our roaming Fair Usage Policy is designed to prevent misuse of our EU Countries roaming products and service.
    • • Lyca Mobile bundles bearing the “EU roaming” logo may be used, during short (roaming) trips, outside the borders of metropolitan France within Europe in the same way as within metropolitan France.To use our EU Countries roaming services you must first activate your SIM in your home country (and have purchased a Lyca Mobile product that includes EU Countries roaming services).
    • • Warning ! Your usage whilst roaming must be “reasonable”.
    • • Your roaming usage will be deemed reasonable if, during the previous four months, you have respected the following two rules:
      1. Your usage from Europe (non mainland France)must be less than your usage from mainland France
      2. The number of days you have spent within Europe (non mainland France)must be less than the number of days you have spent in mainland France

If you do not comply with the above two rules in the previous four months, you will receive an SMS informing you of this fact.
You will then have 15 days to modify your usage.
If at the end of this period of 15 days:

    • -you respect at least one of the two rules above, then you will not be charged additional fees.
    • -you do not respect either of the two rules above, you will receive an SMS alert informing you that Lyca Mobile will invoice you additional costs of the future or “unreasonable” usage from Europe (non mainland France)
  • • This means that a majority or exclusive use of your package from Europe (non mainland France) will incur additional charges on your future uses according to the following tariff:
    Calls: 0,03€ per min
    SMS: 0,01€ per SMS
    Data: 0,006€ per MB

  • If you have a prepaid bundle that includes EU Countries roaming services, then a different data limit will apply when you roam within EU Countries. Please click here and select the ‘More’ option on each bundle for details of the data limit.
  • • Your calls to other Lyca Mobile numbers are free at home (minimum top-up applies), but when you roam within EU Countries they will be charged (or deducted from your bundle allowance) as standard calls.
  • • If we identify abusive usage of our roaming services due to organised resale of our SIM cards to persons who normally live outside of the France then we may take immediate proportionate measures to stop this, which could include suspension of services. We will send a text message to any such affected SIM cards.
  • • If you have any queries about our roaming services, please feel free to contact us.