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SIM Multi Number

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Travelling to the UK soon?
Use your Lycamobile at NO EXTRA COST!

Cost-savings and convenience with France-UK SIM Multi number

Multi Number Option

What is Multi No?
This new additional feature gives French LM customers the option to activate an additional UK LM Lycamobile number. French LM Customers who are travelling to and from UK can now benefit from free roaming calls and still make low cost calls without having to switch SIM cards.

1. No Roaming Charges.
2. Two local country numbers on one SIM.
3. Hassle free of additional SIM.
4. No charges for receiving calls.
5. Free additional number.
To activate Text SUB 44 to 3535 and follow the on screen instruction.

What you should know:

What Tariff will be applicable when I am in the UK?

France Tariff

Do I pay any Roaming Charges?


Do I get charged for this additional UK Number?


Can I Top-up using a LM FR voucher, while I am in the UK?


Can I top-up using a UK LM voucher?


How can you Top-up, if I am in UK?

Only by going

How do I check the balance?