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Terms and Conditions of Participation

Valentine Social Media Contest

This contest is for new Lycamobile customers only.

You can place your order for a SIM online.

To activate the SIM, please follow these steps:
a) Click the “Activate your SIM” tab on the website
b) Type the last 4 digits of the ICCID + PUK code from the back of the SIM card.
c) If you are using a smartphone, deactivate portrait lock via the setup menu.
d) Hold the camera of your smartphone, tablet or webcam up to your face, ID card/NIE or passport (with enough light).
Remember to centre the document in the green box.
e) Verify the data, edit and correct if necessary then accept the terms and conditions. Top-up at any point of sale or via the Lycamobile website.

Once your SIM is activated, share your mobile number with us so that the credit can be added to your account.
Please share your mobile number by emailing us at
Also, mention your Twitter or Facebook profile handle(from whichever platform you are participating in the contest) and country.
Eg- 75xxxxxxxx, FB- @xxxxx, France

Contestants who share their number through both Facebook and Twitter will be eliminated from the contest, so please only share via one social media platform.

Ten lucky winners of the contest will be chosen randomly (5 from Twitter and 5 from Facebook). The decision regarding the winners will be final and non-contestable.